Photography class in Valencia

Welcome to my photography class in Valencia about creative digital photography. The class run by a professional photographer is aimed for beginner and amateur photographers.
This photography class aims to give to participants the chance to improve the knowledge of their cameras (and smartphones with RAW format shooting) and learn how taking creative images.

The class will consist of four lessons and will be held in english.

Techniques and exercises shared during the course are designed to take participants beyond the simple snapshot stage and into the world of capturing creative and well-conceived photos.

Particularly, participants will learn how:

  • better the image composition;
  • performing the scene with personal creativity;
  • shooting landscape and urban images;
  • shooting in RAW format;
  • setting the white balance;
  • using photographic filters for better colors and tones;
  • editing and retouch photos by Adobe Photoshop and Camera RAW;

During the course, a whole lesson will be held by walking through Valencia’s old town and participants will put in practice what they learnt in class.

The chosen location for the photography class will exhibit the selected best photos at the end of our course.


  • Lesson 1: Basic techniques of digital photography
    Participants will learn about shutter speed, depth field, what ISO and white balance are, exposition, lenses and RAW format.
  • Lesson 2: Basic techniques of creative photography
    Participants will learn about how composing the photograph, which are the best light conditions to take photos, what filters are for and which ones are needed, basic techniques of night photography.
  • Lesson 3: Photowalk tour through the old town of Valencia
  • Lesson 4: Basic techniques of photographic retouch
    Participants will learn about main retouch techniques with Adobe Photoshop and Camera Raw.

Further information about the photography class in Valencia, location, price along with chosen dates and hours will be communicated soon.

Stay tuned!