Sailing yacht photography is the last add to my photographic experience. Last week, a yacht broker put me in charge of shooting the interiors and exteriors of his four sailing boats docked at Valencia’s Marina. The boats were chartered last month by some different clients for touring the upper Spanish Mediterranean coast and the Balearic Islands and now all of them were resting at the Marina under the late summer sun. The yacht broker told me some ordinary maintenance works were going on but despite this it was still possible shooting photos on board and outside.

Sailing yacht photographyThe client who put me in charge of the sailing boats photo shoot wanted to see what state the single boats were in. That’s the reason why he was looking for a professional photographer in Valencia doing this work. For me it has been an exciting photo shoot as it was the first time I was going to shoot photos of boats even if moored only at the Marina.

For the photo shoot I mainly used a super wide angle lens, especially for the interiors. The client asked me to shoot photos of the interiors and the engine’s room. Being those spaces not that big, a wide angle lens helped me to cover all the interiors. For a sharp result, I brought the tripod with me for shooting low ISO images inside.

An ordinary zoom gave me the chance to shoot the significant interior and exterior details the client asked me for. Specifically: the wheelhouse or the exterior wooden finishes for instance. All over, the job took some 2 hours.

Once edited and retouched professionally, I sent the amount of agreed images to the client who, once having downloaded them, emailed me congratulating on the quality of the single photos.

If your company is into sailing yachts and boats and you are looking for some professional sailing yacht photography do not hesitate to contact me.

Sailing yacht photography