Mercado Central Valencia

The Mercado Central (Central Market) in Valencia is one of the largest and finest food markets in Europe. As one of the nicest buildings in Valencia, consequently, is one of the best spots to shoot in town.

Predominantly built in an elegant modernist style, its huge structure comprises iron, wood, ceramics and beautiful polychromed tiles. The large windows and the roof allow the exterior light to filter inside making the whole interior relatively bright. This means you don’t have to rise your camera’s ISO too much if you shoot in a sunny day.

Don’t miss to shoot the main entrance’s facade located in Carrer de Palafox street where also some nice colored lined-up houses are worth for a picture. Inside, you’ll have plenty of opportunities to shoot multicolored kiosks selling fruits, vegetables, fish, any kind of cheese, ham and other Spanish and local food specialities. In case you take close-up pictures of a kiosk be always polite by asking the seller for permission to shoot a photo.

Another interesting photo to shoot inside the Mercado Central of Valencia is the low angle view of the interesting main dome made of wood and stained glass which would look to you like a giant star. A nice location to shoot the exterior of Mercado Central of Valencia is from Plaza de la Ciudad de Brujas square.

Best light to shoot the market from outside is at dusk. The market is closed at that time which means no people and customers around and the lights inside will be still on. 

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