headshot photographer in Valencia

As headshot photographer in Valencia I would like to give some tips to who wants to have a portrait photo session be realized. This is basically what you should need to know before starting a headshot session with a professional photographer.

First of all, and this is the most important thing, you need to be RELAXED! Do not arrive to the appointment with your photo session just one minute before the photo shoot starts and don’t come in a hurry. Just breathe naturally, take it slowly and show what you need to the photographer’s camera spontaneously and with confidence.
It’s necessary also you sleep well the night before the photo shoot. Don’t hit the bed too late and come fresh to the appointment with the photographer.
All women should have a makeup artist for the chosen photo shoot as this really change the final result significantly.

Talking about the clothes now. Try to use something that has a solid color instead of a lot of patterns and colors. Try to avoid white shirts or t-shirts as they would reflect the light of photographer’s flash too much. Also, avoid any distracting elements from the photo like jewelry or extravagant clothes. Remember, the photo session is all about your face and personality and that’s what you need to show.
Always try to be yourself. Don’t come with something new that makes all of your friends ask who is in the photo!

Before coming to the photo shoot it would be a good idea if you can practice the best poses for you in front of the mirror. Look for inspiration in terms of poses on internet. Social network like Pinterest or Instagram are a large source of inspiration. Don’t worry if you’re shy: a photographer with experience will guide you with different poses.
Remember that smiling is an option, not a must. Some people smile naturally while others, well, the smile looks forced! So, just be yourself always, also in front of the camera.
Bring different clothes in case you want multiple looks during the photo session.
Now that you know all these tips you can arrange for a photo session with your headshot photographer in Valencia.