Engagement photo shoot in Valencia

Caroline and Matthew wanted a photo shoot while visiting Valencia. They had chosen this Spanish city as a special destination to declare their engagement. Just a short vacation away from their jobs in New Jersey (USA). They explained me by email they already experienced a similar photo shoot in Paris a couple of years before.

As  that was a funny experience they wanted to reply with a same one whilst in Valencia. They asked me for genuine images of themselves and nothing like posing as ordinary tourists. All I had to do was following them through the lovely old town and taking pictures of them while they were sipping a coffee in an outdoor cafe or walking against the sun light in a nice cobbled street. Things like that.

A photo shoot in Valencia to remember their engagement. Blessed by a lovely sunny weather, I involved a funny street clown in the photo shoot, suggested them a couple of original shops and a colorful graffiti wall as natural background for a photographic storytelling in Valencia. More ideas about locations and some creative images came to me in mind while we were walking trough the old town. The last images shot at sunset at the waterfront was a lovely happy ending for this photo shoot. The photo shoot lasted 2 hours and gave me opportunity to use my brand new Nikon flash beside the usual two lenses I normally carry for this kind of photo sessions. Once I edited all the agreed images, I sent them via wetransfer.com as I normally do. A few days later I received a lovely short email from Caroline’s mother where she was extremely happy to see her daughter and her boyfriend so happy together. By looking at all the images you shot it was like I was there enjoying that beautiful city in their company. I never saw Caroline that happy in any picture I got of her! That email made definitely my day!

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